Tissue Paper - good variety - bulk quantity

Compliment your packaging with tissue paper for protection and decoration. With a range of colours to suit your store and even an acid free tissue to protect your garments. QIS have you covered. Want to make decorations for a special event or your wedding? Tissue can be used for many things, pinata's, pom poms and even fake flowers. Buy our tissue paper and let us know what else you can do, we would love to see your photo's.



How many sheets are in a ream?

There are approximately 480 Sheets in a ream of tissue paper, apart from our economy retail pack (Product Code: AFTPACK100) which has 100 sheets in a ream.

How heavy are the reams of tissue paper?

Each ream weighs approximately 3kg. The acid free tissue paper does vary a little in weight (it is a bit less than 3Kg)

What GSM is the Acid Free tissue paper?

18 GSM, what is GSM you ask? GSM is the thickness of the tissue paper.

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