After Resealable Bags in Wholesale quantities? QIS is here to supply!

Need a supplier of Resealable bags in wholesale quantities? QIS has a huge variety of not just size, but thicknesses and styles as well to suite a vast range of needs.  
Wanting to save money for a wholesale purchase? There is inbuilt price quantity breaks already on the website, so the more you order the better the price per carton/bag is!
FYI: Measurements are indicative. + or - 3%-5% variance in length and width.



Why does the clarity on resealable bags sometimes look murky?

Resealable bags will look not entirely see through, the thicker they are manufactured. A 50um resealable bag will look quite clear, however a 100um resealable bag will have that slight cloudy appearance to it, although you can absolutely still see in the bag.

Where can I buy resealable plastic bags in 100um?

Resealable plastic bags are available at QIS Packaging in 35um, 50um, 75um, 100um and 150um. We can also manufacture to order in 100um or thicker if required. Here is a link to complete our request for quote form. You will then receive a proposal from the quoting department via email. The minimum quantity will be 5,000 bags.

What is the delivery time?

Delivery time is based on your postcode, and the cost of it is based on location and cubic weight of the stock being sent. You can click here and be directed to our freight page.

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