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Resealable Plastic Bags

Resealable Plastic Bags are made of LDPE plastic. They feel soft are completely see through, in other words are clear. These bags are often called press seal bags, zip lock bags, self seal bags, clip lock bags or minigrip bags. The seal which is situated at the top of the bag is like a male and female and fits together very snuggly to seal the bag and reopen the bag.

We also manufacture printed resealable plastic bags and some of the uses are to return products purchased in the bag with instructions printed on how to use or keep. For example orthodicts, iron on name tags, spare parts to name a few. If you would like a proposal to have printed resealable plastic bags manufactured with your logo or information click this link to be redirected to our request for quote tab in our banner.


Frequently Asked Question

Can I still get quantity based brice discounts when ordering different types of plastic bags?

Assuming the 2 separate quantities each equal a few thousand over the last quantity break then it shouldn't be an issue!

Can I collect from your showroom?

Yes, we would love for you to come in and visit us. Our office hours are Monday to Thursday 8am-5pm and Friday 8am to 4pm AEST. We are located at 6/33 Stockwell Place Archerfield QLD 4108.

I would like to buy more than 6000 pieces - can I get a better price?

Contact our friendly team on 1800 555 343 during business hours to obtain a special price.

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