Calico Bags Brisbane - pick up or delivery?

Our calico bags can be delivered to anywhere in Brisbane. Whether you are a company or household, we will deliver to your door.

We do have measurments online of the bags but if you would prefer to come in yourself and inspect the bags you are also welcome to do this.

We supply a large range of calico bags to people and businesses across Australia. With such a great range and competitive pricing, check out our range of Calico bags.



If I was wanting to look at some products where are you located?

Our address is Unit 6, 33 Stockwell Place, Archerfield, Brisbane. We are open 8-4 Monday to Friday.

Do I have to use your delivery system?

No you are more than welcome to come pick up from where we are located, or you can organise your own courier to come and collect.

What is the expected delivery time if I was to use one of your couriers?

Depending on where you are located/ what time of day you order it can vary. Generally speaking it is 1-2 working days, although if you want to have a better idea click on our "Freight" tab and it has a list of post codes and estimated delivery times.

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