Brown Paper Packaging

QIS Packaging has a huge range of brown paper packaging suitable for packing and wrapping. Our brown paper packaging rolls are available in different roll widths. We also sell dispensers for each roll size. Brown Paper rolls are an economical wrapping solution and are made from heavy duty brown paper.

Also available is a huge range of brown paper packaging bags with paper twist handles or brown paper packaging gift bags without handles. These bags are great for retail stores or use at home for birthday, anniversary, Christmas or everyday gifts.



What kind of things can I use Brown Paper for?

Brown Paper has so many uses, ranging from packaging foods such as meats and seafood. It can also be used for crafts at home, creating and designing any form of artwork. Wrap presents, create table toppers, use it as a backing when using paints or pens and even simply use the paper as a base template to create a masterpiece.

How is Brown paper made?

It’s a sturdy machine paper that is created using wood pulp. Its process involves pulverizing the wood pulp and blending the material into large sheets that make a strong brown wood filament. While natural paper is brown in appearance, it is possible to bleach the product and develop a range of shades between natural brown and pure white. The method used to make it called the "kraft process", includes the use of sulfate in the conditioning of the wood pulp which also helps to add to the overall strength of the finished paper.

What GSM are the brown paper rolls?

Our brown paper rolls comes in in two different thickness: 450mm Width Roll is 50gsm, 600mm Width Roll is 60gsm, 750mm Width Roll is 60gsm, 900mm Width Roll is 60gsm

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