Christmas Bags - Huge Range at QIS Packaging!

QIS Packaging has got the festive spirit! We want you to turn heads and put some smiles on some faces this Christmas with our huge range of Christmas bags. We have Kraft Paper Bags, Christmas Sacks with Drawstrings or Plastic LDPE Carry Bags. Many different prints to choose from.

Visit us online to check out the range. Buy more and save. Or why not become a member and always save an extra 5% off all products in the store! Be Creative and let the imagination run wild with different colour combinations and layers. Paper Bags, Wrapping Paper, Ribbon and Tissue Paper. Make your gifts stand out. What can you design?


Frequently Asked Question

What does the plastic LDPE stand for?

Low-density polyethylene (LDPE) is a thermoplastic made from oil. Its most common use is in the manufacture of plastic bags.

Can I get my own prints made on bags?

Yes you can, we do have capabilities to do printing on bags, the cost depends on size of bag and then what type of logo or whatever image would be going onto the bag, you can give us a call or head online under our Custom Made tab to request a quote.

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