Press Seal Bags - Huge variety at great prices!

Press Seal Bags have a press seal closure, made from two pieces of interlocking plastic, at or near the top of the bag. Also known as zip lock bags, zip seal bags, clickseal bags, clip n seal bags or resealable bags. Used to display or store products, especially large quantities of small items which need to be accessed repeatedly, such as machinery parts or beads, even food. They have many uses and can be reused over and over again.



What is the difference between Polypropylene or Polyethylene?

Polypropylene is stiff and hard, while polyethylene is soft and pliable. Polyethylene is also more translucent, while polypropylene is more transparent. Meaning polyethylene lets light in, but you wouldn't be able to see what's in the bag (Which isn't great for displaying products for customers). By inhibiting the overall amount of harmful light that actually makes its way to your collectible, the risk of fading is minimized. Polyethylene is more flexible than polypropylene.

I cannot find a press seal bag size in your range to suit my requirements?

That's OK, as we can manufacture the size you require. The minimum quantity will be 5,000 pieces. You can find our Request a Quote form for press seal bags. Fill that out and we'll be in touch with the details.

There's a fair few options of press seal bags, what are they all?

The straight up resealable bags (50UM and 75UM) come in a vast range and are very reasonably priced. They are used across many industries, from food, schools, mining, even around the office, whatever item/s you think might need to be opened regularly really.

The write on panel bags are especially good if wanting to label whatever is in the bags. The laminated stand up pouch's are great for presenting whatever it is your putting in the bag. The zipper bags school's order a lot, as well as companies wanting to present some information in, again whatever you imagine is the limitation for its use.

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