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Finding it hard to get calico bags into Perth at a reasonable rate? You wouldn't be the first and we understand the frustration!

Luckily, QIS ships directly into Perth - we have 3 different styles for you to choose from and the minimum order is only 50 bags.

Our calico bags are made from only the best quality cotton, and are a great way of providing your customers with a reusable shopping bag. 

Choose a style below or scroll down for some useful FAQs and testimonials.


Frequently Asked Question

What does a calico bag actually look like?

You can take a look at our website under calico bags for some actual pictures of them and the different types and sizes we offer.

Calico Bags are a 100% cotton bag with a creamy-white colour. If we can help with any questions you may have, give us a call or shoot through an e-mail to [email protected].

Do I get a better price if I am ordering a larger amount?

QIS automatically gives you a quantity order discount if you purchase 10 packs or more. However if you're after a much larger amount than that, give us a call on 1800 555 343 and we can discuss and provide you with a quote.

How are calico bags environmentally friendly compared to other bags?

Calico bags are 100% cotton, which the cotton is procured from a sustainable source, and these bags are completely re-usable and washable.

Why choose QIS?


We get it... shopping for paper bags is never going to be the most fun chore on your list.

But that is exactly why it should be easy and stress-free.

We know a thing or two about stress-free packaging at QIS - we've been doing it since 1985, after all.

In that time, we've learned that people are by for the most important aspect of our business.

Sure, we're pretty proud of our fast delivery times, the quality of our products and our competitive prices... but most of all, we're proud of our understanding of people.

Don't just take our word for it though...


Best value calico bags in perth?

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