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Tape Dispensers Improve Efficiency of Warehouse & Packing Staff

One of the most common tools used by warehouse staff when packing goods for shipping is the humble Tape Dispenser. But low quality or faulty dispensers negatively impacts on the efficiency of the staff.

This can easily be solved by purchasing quality tape dispensers. Tape dispensers can be used for sticky tape, packing tape, or warning tape. We stock all these, and we also stock 'noise reduction' tape dispenser models.


Frequently Asked Question

What type of tape dispensers are available?

Pistol grip and noise reduction tape dispensers which is ideal for warehouse work and moving house. Desk dispensers that can be portable perfect for bits and pieces around the office or even to wrap up someone's special gift.

What kind of tape can I put into the different tape dispensers?

36mm or 48mm wide is perfect for both the pistol grip dispenser and also the noise reduction model. A variety of different tapes can be used in both guns ranging from hot melt, acrylic or natural rubber adhesive packing tapes . All packaging tapes are sold in 75m length rolls. The sticky tape desk dispenser uses a cello tape (sticky tape) in a transparent 12mm wide x 66m length roll.

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