Supermarket Shopping Bags, wide variety of styles

Shopping Bags are also known as singlet bags, grocery bags and t-shirt bags. Usually found in supermarkets and discount stores. Shopping Bags are very strong and great value for money. These singlet bags are available in a variety of sizes ranging from mini to super jumbo. Browse through the website to discover what suits your needs. If you're after the green eco-friendly Coles/ Woolies bags then then our fabric bag range with 9 different colours is also worth looking at!

You will also find 3 sizes of supermarket shopping bags that have an EPI component added to them at time of extrusion to help the plastic break down in land fill, meaning they are environmentally friendly!. The kraft grocery bag is another style of supermarket shopping bag that is making a come back in style - so check them out as well.



If i'm wanting to buy some shopping bags in the thousands can I?

Absolutely, depending on which bag/s you're looking at, they are already sold in thousands by the carton some of them. Others are sold in smaller quantities and if you're wanting a better price for buying in a large volume, don't hesitate to contact us, and we can get you a quote!

How heavy are Supermarket Shopping Bags?

The typical Plastic Bag weighs 4 - 5 grams and can hold up to about 7.7 kgs - nearly 2000 times its own weight.

How many bags are used in Australia per year?

Australians use 6.9 billion new plastic bags each year- about 350 per person.

Who invented the shopping bag?

The modern lightweight shopping bag was invented by Swedish engineer Sten Gustaf Thulin.

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