Free Printing Screens on Paper & Calico bags! Feb only. Save up to $330! Free Printing Screens on Paper & Calico bags! Feb only. Save up to $330!
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Printed Carry Bags

Having your business name or logo printed on carry bags is an effective form of advertising, that doesn't cost a fortune.

When a customer walks out of your store with a printed carry bag, it's like a vote of confidence in your business for all other potential customers to see. For the same reason, when attendees to your trade show or event leave carrying sample bags bearing your logo, you're benefiting from increased awareness. Smart marketers recognise that a strong branding experience increases the likelihood of repeat business.

Our Express Printed Bags allow you to get fast turnaround, small quantity orders on custom printed bags.

You can have custom express printing done on the following types of bags:

Click on the button below the video to view our full range of Express Printed Bags, or view the following video to get some ideas of the printing we can do on Paper Carry Bags.


Frequently Asked Question

You say these bags are fast turnaround - just how fast is that exactly?

You're looking at 10-15 working days from artwork approval. This is much faster than ordering printed bags overseas, which often takes 12 weeks or more, and has large minimum order quantities.

So what is the minimum order quantity for Express Printed Bags?

Our Express Printed Bags have a minimum order quantity of 500 bags, except for the gloss laminated bags, which is 600 bags).

How many colours can I have in my print?

With the Express Printed Bags, you can have one or two colours printed on the bag.

Can I have both sides of the bag printed?

Yes, you can.

What if I need something printed that is beyond the scope of Express Printed Bags?

We can facilitate that as well. Please request a quote Custom Manufactured packaging, and we will be happy to get you the details you require.

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