Paper Sandwich Bags

Paper Sandwich Bags come in different sizes to store any delicious lunch snack. Also known as flat bags available in brown and white paper. Decorate bags to use as party bags and tie them up with ribbon. Another way to seal them would be to roll down the top, use sticky tape or staple them closed. If we don't have the size you are looking for, just ask us and we may be able to source it. QIS sell them in bundles of 500.

We also have a range of coloured gift bags which are similiar but very vibrant. There are two sizes - small and medium. They are worth taking a look at as they have gussets which provides a bit more room depending on what you are putting into them.



Can I print my logo onto these bags?

You can and we have done this for many clients! Click here to be taken to our request a quote.

Any other ideas for storing sandwiches?

Resealable plastic bags are also a great idea as they can keep them fresh until you need them. These can also be referred to sometimes as zip lock or snap lock bags.

I'm looking for the classic school lunch box sandwich bags, do you sell them and if so, which one's are they?

The classic smallish brown paper lunch box bags we absolutely sell! They're product name is 3FLATBROWN and there is 3 different sizes, you can view them by clicking here.

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