Gusseted bags - expandable sides or bottom!

For someone who hasn't heard of a gusseted bag before it wouldn't make much sense, but it is very simple. Gussets are an indent in the bag, so it allows the bag to lie down normally when it is being stored without taking up any extra room, but when you want to use it the gusset actually expands the bag out (either a bottom or side gusset, sometimes both) so the bag has more volume inside for holding whatever it is you need.

QIS has gusseted bags in all types ranging from cellophane bags to kraft paper bags as well as plastic carry bags. QIS Packaging also carry a range of gloss laminated bags in a variety of sizes. It really just comes down to what type of bag you are after. If you need help with making a selection or are confused by anything don’t hesitate to call us on 1800 555 343 for more assistance, if we are out of the office and you can’t get onto us just e-mail us at [email protected] with any inquiries you may have.



What is meant by the term Gusset?

A gusset is technically a insert, in the seam of a bag (side or bottom) for added strength or expansion.

Do gussets help bags to stand better?

Sometimes they do depending on the material. Our Paper Carry bags and Gloss laminated carry bags have side and bottom gussets and are able to stand freely, which can be very useful.

What are the advantages of having a gusseted bag?

IT allows the bag to have more volume once it is opened up, meaning you can put more of your product into the bag. If it has a bottom gusset it allows the bag to stand as well. Majority of the bags QIS sell are gusseted in either side or the bottom.

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