Paper Wine Bottle Bags - Gift Bags for Wine & Liquor

Need paper wine bottle bags that align with your brand’s image? Need a variety of bags to choose from, not just 1 or 2 products?

QIS has 3 different styles to suit a wide variety of needs, the price point aligns with the quality of bag you buy. I.e. the plastic wine bottle bags are cheaper but are of a lesser quality compared to the paper and rope handle wine paper bags or gloss laminated wine bags.
If you’re wanting to show your customer a bag that reflects the thoughtfulness and quality of the wine they’re buying then the brown paper rope handle or gloss laminated bags are the way to go!



Should Paper Wine Bags have handles?

Ideally yes, due to the fact that it makes carrying and transportation easier. Rope handled bags or paper twist handled bags are perfect for wine and bottles.

What type of wine bag would you recommend?

The 3 styles are...
- Plastic wine bottle bag (most economical, but also sacrifices this for the least quality)
- Brown kraft paper wine bags (stylish and are the middle range price option, compared to the option below)
- Gloss laminated paper wine bags (the most elegant option of them all, and also the costliest per bag, but you know you're paying for a high quality bag!)
The choice of the 3 options comes down to what price point you're after, and what type of brand image you're trying to give off to your customers.

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