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Tissue Paper in Perth

Tissue Paper is a wonderful way for retailers in Perth to add a colourful flourish when wrapping their goods.

This can be either for display purposes, or at the point of sale to add a pleasant and memorable tactile element to the packaging they provide.

Retail psychology studies have shown that engaging the more of the customers senses in pleasant ways leads to satisfaction, but also (importantly) to greater recall of the experience later. In other words, by focusing on making your customers experience one that is pleasing to most of their senses, they are far more likely to remember your business fondly later.

Our quality tissue paper helps with this through the sense of sight - lovely vibrant colours - and the sense of feel - the unique feel of quality tissue paper, which is a rarity in this age of plastic.


Frequently Asked Question

How long does it take to receive my goods in Perth?

We ship from our Brisbane warehouse. Upon receipt of payment, it takes approximately ten days for delivery to Perth addresses.

How much will freight cost?

When you place your order online our freight calculator will work out your freight cost, all it needs is your postcode. Alternatively, you can get an idea from the information on our freight page.

Can I get a discount if I buy in bulk?

Yes, our website has very generous volume discounts for tissue paper, and all our other products.

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