Poly Bags - all sizes and types you could ever want

Let's be clear: poly bags are simply plastic bags.The name "poly" is a descriptive term that is used widely in the packaging industry, but to the everyday person they are just plastic bags.

Just about anything you can think of can be put into a poly bag. The question to ask yourself is "Do I have sharp edges that could pierce the plastic?" If so then you need to select a gauge, or thickness, of plastic that is 75µm and above.

The bags come in 5 different thicknesses:

Just click on the link to any of those and it will take you to the individual price list for the gauge of each bag. Using a heat sealer to seal the opening ensures that your goods stay inside the plastic bags. Otherwise you can apply packaging tape if tamper-evidence is not necessary. Stapling the poly bag shut is another option, but the safety issue of fingers getting caught on the staples can be overcome by applying a strip of packaging tape.

Some companies pack their goods into the plastic bags and then heat seal them shut, however to actually despatch them to a client, they then in turn put the plastic bag into a courier bag. There are 7 sizes in the courier bag range and once these bags are sealed the only way to get them open is to cut them.

If you're after zipper bags you might see around school's have a look by clicking on that link. Or if you're after carton liners, then click on that link to have a look.


Frequently Asked Question

What if I cannot find the size I want?

We can organise a proposal for you to get your size manufactured. You can either call us on 1800 555 343, email [email protected] OR

complete the request for quote to obtain a proposal for this. Our quote will advise you of the minimum quantity you will have to purchase, lead-time for delivery, payment terms and information on artwork if being printed.

I like the solution of heat sealing my own bags, but is there an easier way to go about it again?

Good question, the easiest solution is that you just buy resealable bags. These already come with a sealable feature on them, with the advantage of being able to re-open them as many times as you like as well...just food for thought when buying your bags.

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