Tissue Paper Ream-plenty of sheets at great prices

Tissue Paper is sold by the ream with 480 sheets to a ream. A selection of 17 colours to choose from. The size of each sheet is 760mm x 500mm in our coloured range. We also have 3 sizes in the economy white tissue paper 400mm x 660mm, 440mmx660mm and 500mm x 750mm.



What is a tissue paper ream?

A Ream is a unit of measure and generally refers to 480 sheets. QIS sells 1 particular ream that only has 100 sheets in it as a retail pack (Product Code: AFTPACK100).

How much does a tissue paper ream weigh?

A ream of 480 sheets weighs approximately 3kgs, obviously if you're getting the one with less sheets in it (see above) then it will weigh significantly less, but the rest of our reams of tissue paper generally weigh around that 3Kg mark.

I want multiple tissue paper colours but don't want to buy huge amounts?

Why don't you try our BPRAINBOW tissue paper ream which has 80 sheets each of lavender, lime, yellow, blue, hot pink and orange.

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