Tissue Paper Ream - 480 sheets

Tissue paper reams are available in 17 colours. Browse our vibrant range & shop now!

Tissue Paper is sold by the ream, with 480 sheets to a ream. You can choose from a selection of 17 colours.

The size of each sheet in our coloured range is 760mm x 500mm.

We also have 3 sizes in the economy white tissue paper:
  • 400mm x 660mm
  • 440mm x 660mm
  • 500mm x 750mm


Frequently Asked Question

What is a tissue paper ream?

A Ream is a unit of measure and generally refers to 480 to 500 sheets. The most affordable ream we supply is an economy ream of 480 white sheets.

How much does a tissue paper ream weigh?

A ream of 480 sheets weighs approximately 3kgs, obviously if you're getting the one with less sheets in it (see above) then it will weigh significantly less, but the rest of our reams of tissue paper generally weigh around that 3Kg mark.

I want multiple tissue paper colours but don't want to buy huge amounts?

You can order our Summer tissue paper ream, which has 100 sheets each of Cerise, Orange,Yellow, Lime Green, and Blue.

Why Choose QIS?

We get it... shopping for tissue paper is never going to be the most fun chore on your list.

But that is exactly why it should be easy and stress-free.

We know a thing or two about stress-free packaging at QIS - we've been doing it since 1985, after all.

In that time, we've learned that people are by for the most important aspect of our business.

Sure, we're pretty proud of our fast delivery times, the quality of our products and our competitive prices... but most of all, we're proud of our understanding of people.

Don't just take our word for it though...


Testimonial: Dominique Sheridan from Domini Collective


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