Need Pallet Wrap in Brisbane?

Pallet wrap is also known as stretch wrap. It is visually like a large roll of cling wrap but thicker. The most common use of pallet wrap is to secure cartons and products onto a pallet for shipping around Australia.  It is remarkably practical and efficient for protecting your stock.

Natural pallet wrap is available in the following thicknesses: 20um, 23um and 25um. Black stretchwrap comes in 25um only. You can wrap the pallet by hand however it is much easier to apply it using a metal dispenser. You can buy the dispenser online at QIS Packaging as well.



What is the meaning of um?

UM stands for micrometers and is the way we describe the thickness of plastic.  A plastic shopping singlet bag at Coles or Woolworths would be approximately 12-15um in thickness, however it is quite strong as it is manufactured as a HDPE (high density polyethylene) material. Our pallet wrap at QIS Packaging ranges from 20um to 25um.  The 25um is thicker than the 20um, however if you do not require the thicker plastic, then it is more economical to purchase the thinner stretch wrap.

What is pallet wrap used for?

The name is pretty straightforward, the rolls are wrapping for pallets your company/organisation need to send out. Coming in black (if you don't want anyone to see what's on the pallet) or clear, the pallet wrapping is sturdy and will definitely hold the pallet together.

Can I bulk buy?

You absolutely can, there are already quantity breaks inserted if you buy a carton or more. However if you're ordering for example 10+ cartons then get in contact with us and we might be able to do up a quote for your specific order.

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