Calico Bags delivered to Adelaide

Are you in Adelaide and need some Calico Bags delivered to your address. You have come to the right place. QIS supplies Calico bags to Adelaide and all around Australia. You can order online today to have your order ASAP.

Our Calico bags are environmentally friendly and high quality. They are made from 100% natural materials. Our Calico bags are sold in quantities starting at 50 per pack, although the more you buy the cheaper the price.

Calico bags are considered the most environmentally friendly alternative to plastic and paper bags as they are made from natural materials and are therefore reusable and washable. There are 3 different types of calico bags available (Drawstring Calico Bags, Shoulder Strap Calico Bags and Two Handle Calico Bags) for you to choose from to suit your needs. QIS also has the capability to do printing on your bags if you need a logo or any other text printed onto the bag itself. CLICK HERE TO REQUEST A QUOTE



But plastic and paper are cheaper?

Yes but with these bags you tend to use them only once or a very limited amount of times, with calico you can keep them, and even wash them so if kids are using them they can be cleaned. Calico bags are great because they are reusable!

Is there only one size Calico Bag available?

No not at all, there are multiple sizes for each type of Calico bag to help suit your requirements. We sell calico drawstring bags, two handled calico bags and should strap calico bags.

What kind of freight cost can I expect being in Adelaide?

Freight prices are decided upon by postcode and the volume of stock being sent. As calico bags are usually quite light and aren't that big the price for freight is usually quite reasonable. You can have a look at a rough estimate in our freight tab at the top of the page.

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