Paper Bags - delivered to your Adelaide address!

Need paper bags delivered to Adelaide?

We also sell a range of paper bags without handles and deliver to your Adelaide address.

These bags are strong and hard wearing, with paper twist handles and solid glued seams, these bags can handle a considerable amount of weight and come in a huge range of sizes and colours.

Whether it's for your small local business or need some bags for the Adelaide festival, we'll have what you're looking for.

Our range of Brown Kraft Paper grocery bags are perfect for supermarkets or industrial clothing stores.

Or check out our range of coloured paper gift bags without handles: These bags are great for small gifts, cards or presents since the colours are so vibrant.

Buy Paper bags online at QIS Packaging 24/7 with delivery to your Adelaide address.


Frequently Asked Question

General Question

What kind of applications can I use on Butchers Paper?

Butchers Paper is a very versatile product. Texters, pens, chalk, crayons and charcoal work fantastically. Paint is also another great way to get the kids involved with it. Paint generally works better on paper due to the manufacturing qualities of the Paper and its ability to hold moisture.

Are there any discounts on delivery for large (wholesale) orders?

We have customers that regularly order large amounts of butchers paper (either rolls or sheets) going interstate, and we can arrange for cheaper delivery options depending on the price of the order. If you think this applies to you, get in contact with our quoting team at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help you out.

What types of butchers paper do you have?

We sell butchers paper in rolls and sheets. The rolls come in 5 different sizes, and the sheets come in 4. Each sheet size is sold in a 17kg bundle, as well as another small pack bundle which is approximately a quarter of the size.

Why would I buy butchers paper if I’m not after material to wrap food in?

There are many uses for butchers paper, also known as newsprint paper, including:

  • wrapping and packing paper for moving home or office
  • protective wrapping for parcels
  • drawing or presentation paper
  • drop sheets
  • ...and plenty more.

Can QIS Packaging supply all around Australia?

QIS is based in Archerfield Brisbane, however we despatch all over Australia using various transport companies. There is the convenience of purchasing online at 24/7 with the availability by paying by Visa, Mastercard or Paypal. Depending on location the delivery time may vary, but certainly yes QIS CAN supply Australia wide.

What if i don't want a whole 17 Kg bundle of a particular size?

That is fine, we have the exact same sizing of the 17Kg bundles in smaller packs. Each size Deli, Small, Medium and Extra Large are all sold firstly in their 17Kg bundle and also in packs that are approximately a quarter that size. So there are plenty of sizing and quantity options for you to choose from.

Do you sell any other rolls or sheets of a similar nature?

QIS also sells Brown Kraft Rolls, although these are slightly more expensive so the butchers paper/white news rolls are a more economical option. To do with sheets we sell a wide range of tissue paper, mainly coloured and also some acid free options.


What is the general delivery time to Perth?

The normal delivery time to Perth is 5-7 working days, so if you are ordering make sure you plan it ahead a bit. You can check out our delivery times here.

Are there any quicker options than 7 days at all?

You are more than welcome to organize your own freight to Perth if you wish, but you will find most couriers tend to take that long from where we are located. There are some express options but they tend to get quite expensive very quickly.

How much is shipping?

This depends on the size of your order. Your shipping cost will be automatically calculated when you enter your postcode into the shopping cart. However, you can also check out our shipping rates here. Wholesaler? Email us now: [email protected], and we can talk about special shipping arrangements at a reduced price.


How long will my order take to arrive at my Brisbane address?

Our delivery time for the "Brisbane Metro" area with orders up to 20kg only generally take between 1 - 2 working days.

Our butchers paper is superior in quality and competitive in price, plus, we're based in Archerfield, Brisbane, which means super fast delivery (1-2 business days).

Alternatively, you can pick up your order from our warehouse at Unit 4 & 5, 33 Stockwell Place, Archerfield, and save on shipping costs.


What are the delivery costs for Melbourne?

This depends on the weight of your order (your shipping cost is automatically calculated when you enter your address into the shopping cart).

Delivery price breakdown for Melbourne metro area:

  • 3kg: $17.60
  • 3-5kg: $23.10
  • 5-10kg: $25.30
  • 10-20kg: $27.50
  • 20-30kg: $33.00
  • 30-50kg: $41.80

You can find out shipping costs to other areas in Victoria here


Can QIS Packaging ship to Adelaide?

QIS is based in Archerfield Brisbane, however we despatch all over Australia using various transport companies. There is the convenience or purchasing online at 24/7 with the availability by paying by Visa, Mastercard or Paypal. Depending on location the delivery time may vary, but certainly yes QIS CAN supply Australia wide.


Whats the delivery costs for Butchers Paper to Canberra?

Depends on weight, tho all deliveries to the Canberra region should take between 2 - 3 days. Orders up to 5kg Australia wide will cost $16.50 ( inc gst ) and up to 20kg to Canberra will cost $27.50.

Hobart and Tasmania

Does QIS Packaging deliver to Tasmania?

Yes, we deliver to every state and territory in Australia and have been doing so for over 35 years.

It doesn't matter if you're in Hobart or Hawley Beach we deliver all over Tasmania.

Freight times typically to Tasmania are approx. 7-10 days*

*delays as a result of COVID do sometimes occur.

Darwin and The Northern Territory

QIS Packaging delivers to all cities and towns right across the NT. Our network of carriers is second to none.

You can rest easy knowing that wherever you are in the NT QIS Packaging can get your goods delivered.

Freight times typically to NT are approx. 7-14 days*

*delays as a result of COVID do sometimes occur

Why Choose QIS?

We get it: packaging is BORING!

That's why you need a supplier that will get the job done with minimal fuss - and QIS is your answer.

We've been providing packaging solutions (not just paper bags, but a whole range of materials) to the public since 1985.

We work hard to make sure that you get your supplies quickly and efficiently.

But don't just take our word for it... Hear from some of our customers below on their experiences.


Testimonial: Dominique Sheridan from Domini Collective


What our customers are saying...


Narelle Haywood

"Fantastic range, great prices and super fast dispatch. My go-to company for paper products every time!

-Google review

Yvonne Welsh

"Great prices and fast delivery. Bags in stock when I need them. Good service. Definitely recommend."

-Google review

Anna Dhammika Janssens

"Delivery came on time if not earlier! Efficient and great customer service !!! Prices are ok as well. I feel my business is well looked after ! Thank you."

-Google review
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