Tote Bags - the environmentally friendly option!

Tote bags come in 2 main different fabrics, Claico and NWPP (Non-Woven Polypropylene) each of which can give your company a COMPETITIVE EDGE over your competitors in terms of branding your company. The calico tote bags come in a huge variety of sizes across 3 different styles, while the NWPP bags are all one size but come in 9 different colours, to fit in with your organisations plans.

Tote bags are a great idea if wanting to portray an environmentally friendly look and feel, with delivery into Melbourne between 2-3 business days you can have them in a quick time-frame as well!



Can fabric bags be printed here in Australia?

Yes you certainly can, QIS does it in-house in our own Warehouse, so gives you as a customer assurance that quality control is up to standard. If you're wanting to inquire about custom printed calico bagsclick the link and it will give you a bit more infromation. Otherwise contact us via phone (1800 555 343) or e-mail ([email protected]) and we can help you out with what you're wanting to print!

What about getting my bags freighted to Melbourne?

Obviously it depends how many bags you're ordering and what size (as this affects weight and volume of the package we dispatch). Here is our Freight Table which can give you a rough estimate of delivery time/ charge of freight. If it's only 1-2 packs it can be expensiveness as $14.30 (INC GST). If you're ordering a few cartons then we will do up a freight cost for you and go form there.

Why do these bags fall under the "Environmentally Friendly" options?

Firstly the bags are completely re-usable, they are quite sturdy so can be used again, again and again. The Calico bags in particular are very good as they are washable (made out of 100% cotton). Then the NWPP bags are made from recyclable fabric, so they also won't be hurting the environment.

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