Calico Library Bags to anywhere in Australia

QIS Packaging sells calico bags that are perfect library bags and can be bought in a minimum quantity of 50 per pack. We can supply larger quantities - buy more and save by getting wholesale prices.

These bags are perfect for kids as they are all natural (100% cotton) calico so therefore are reusable, washable and friendly to the environment.

These bags are perfect library bags, but can also be used as school supply bags, trade show bags or kindy bags.



Are these calico bags suitable for school kids though?

Our range of calico bags means we have sizes that would be able to fit almost any need, and they are a terrific fit for school children especially as they are completely washable in case a mishap does happen.

Can we get our school or organisation logo on the bag?

Yes you can, we do have capabilities to do printing on calico bags, the cost depends on size of bag and then what type of logo or whatever image would be going onto the bag, you can give us a call and we can direct you to the person you need to speak to if you were interested in this.

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