Need more space? Never fear, large paper bags are here!

Are you after an environmentally conscious option made from recyclable paper, but one that is still sturdy, made from heavy duty kraft paper, these types of bags in large sizes with a good range and multiple colours are available right here at QIS. Our large paper bags are a popular alternative to plastic carry bags, and we don’t just have traditional normal sizes, we also have boutique sizing in case what you’re putting into the bag is shaped differently.

If you’re selling larger products then the range of large paper bags we have is well worth your time to look through!

If we don't have a size that suits your needs, or you need printed paper bags. No worries, just request a quote and we will contact you!



What is the minimum quantity for the paper bags?

We sell our paper bags in a carton sizes or in a smaller pack lots such as 20 or 50 bags. Please give us a call at 1800 555 343, if you require a quote for a large quantity of our bags.

Other uses for a Brown Paper Bag?

You can use your old Paper Sandwich Bags as a salt shaker for fries or popcorn. Add fries or popcorn to the bags, add salt, scrunch top of bag and shake. This makes for an even distribution. Ripen fruits such as avocados, peaches, pears, apples and tomatoes by storing them in a Paper Bag.

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