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Carry Bags delivered to Perth

Need carry bags delivered to your Perth address? QIS Packaging has a huge range or quality carry bags.

Our huge range of carry bags come in different materials, colours, and sizes.

If you are on a budget we have well priced plastic carry bags with die cut handles or if you are after something a bit more fancy try our Gloss Laminated Paper bags or Deluxe Paper Bags with Rope Handles.

All our range are sold online including Paper carry bags and calico carry bags, perfect for those who require an eco friendly bag solution. If you want a bag for your retail shop, supermarket, personal shopping, school, university, library, government department or Warehouse, QIS Packaging has a bag to suit your needs and your budget!


Frequently Asked Question

What are Carry Bags?

Paper Bags with handles are made of twisted paper are an environmentally conscious option as they are made from recyclable paper. These are becoming a popular alternative to plastic carry bags due to their bio-degradable properties and stylish appearance. Made from heavy duty kraft paper, these paper carry bags are also quite strong and their side gussets provide extra carrying capacity. 'Boutique' or landscape sizes indicate that the bag is wider than it is tall. Plastic die-cut handle bags are also under this classification. Basically anything with a handle is classed as "Carry"

Perth is far away so I want to order enough so I’m not running/ making the most of my freight cost; do I get a better price for ordering more?

Yes you certainly do, depending on the product of course depends how much you can save yourself. Usually if you order more than 1 more carton you come close to reaching the next price break and saving yourself some money. If you are looking at ordering in massive quantities then we can most certainly also do up a quote for you and see what sort of price we can arrange!

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