Brown Paper Bags With Handles

Brown Paper Bags With Handles are an environmentally conscious option made from recyclable paper and are a popular alternative to plastic carry bags. We carry a variety of Brown Kraft Paper Carry Bags with handles as well as grocery bags without handles. Our Brown paper bags with handles are made from very strong heavy duty kraft paper and are available in a range of sizes. The paper bag range is also available in white paper and coloured paper.

Our flat paper bag range is great for tuckshop and if you require a more up market kraft bag the deluxe kraft with cotton handles will do the job.



Can I get my Paper Bags printed on?

Yes you ceratinly can get the Paper Bags printed on. Jump online under our custom made tab, or give us a buzz on 1800 555 343 and we will be happy to help you out.

Is there something a little bit more fancy that I can get which is still brown, cost effective and has handles?

Yes there is, QIS has a range of deluxe brown paper bags with cotton handles, with 7 different sizes in that category and they make the bags look that bit more upmarket and elegant, perfect for occasions when you don’t want just a plain paper twist brown paper bag.

Is there an option to buy brown paper bags without handles?

Absolutely! There is 2 categories for this: brown paper grocery bags with no handles, and flat brown paper bags with no handles each with their own range of different sized bags.

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