Calico Bags to Sydney - Speedy Delivery!

Calico bags are environmentally friendly bags made from 100% cotton. Calico bags are are washable and reusable. This means they are ideal for school children, library bags or promotional bags. Are you looking to give out environmentally friendly bags at a function or event? Why not try Calico Bags at your next event or trade show.

Need printed Calico bags? QIS Packaging offer a printing service on quantities as low as 500 bags. See our Printed Calico Bags Price List here!



What different types of them are there?

QIS supplies 3 different types of bags which than each come in their own sizes. The 3 different types we have are Drawstring, shoulder strap and 2 handle, each are very good to use it just comes down to your personal needs.

What type of delivery cost am I looking at for my delivery in Sydney?

The delivery cost is calculated by your postcode and the volume/ weight of the parcel that is being sent. Calico bags are usually quite light and compact so the delivery cost is usually a fairly basic one. If you want to have an approximation click on the "Freight" tab at the top of this page and you can find a table for estimated delivery costs.

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