Plastic Bags - Vibrant choices at economically friendly prices

QIS has a huge range of plastic bags, whether looking for some to bag products to use at your store or bagging up soil, QIS will have a bag to suit what you're after. If you're looking for standard resealable bags or zipper bags then click on the link.

Singlet or checkout bags as they're better known, great for bins/ rubbish/ cost-effective bagging solution for your products, then click on the link.

Ice bags or bottle bags, ice bags are pretty self-explanatory (their for ice) and bottle bags are for wine bottles , or any other bottles that you want to package in their that you can think of!

The classic poly bags with no handles, we have dozens of different sizes, across 4 different thicknesses click here to view them if you get confused while doing so, don't hesitate to give us a call and we can help you out (don't worry, it is easy to get lost in the amount of different options available). That link will also take you to carton liners.

Next is the lovely plastic coloured carry bags, again plenty of options, across different styles, great for retail shops wanting to have a nice bag to put the products they're selling into something.

If you don't see a bag you are after, that's ok, we can make a bag to suit your needs. Request a quote and one of our friendly staff will get back to you with pricing!



What is the clarity of plastic bags like?

You will find that the higher the thickness (um) the more cloudy the plastic will look. When plastic bags are much thinner (eg 35um) they do not have that milky look and are quite clear. Other products that provide far better clarity are polypropylene or BOPP however they are more expensive than LDPE plastic bags.

Are plastic bags food grade?

In our range of LDPE plastic bags they are food grade as they are manufactured from virgin material, not recycled. If the resin mixture has any recycled component in the extrusion process, the bags will not be food grade.

There's a lot of different options here, i'm just looking for bags that i can line my bin with?

If you're looking for big, classic bin liners, you're best bet is clicking here for actual bin liners or if you're looking for grocery bags to put in smaller bins at home then you can click here and it would be your best bet of finding what you're after. If you're still stuck give us a call on 1800 555 343 and we can help you out.

If I'm soil testing, what is the best type of bag for me?

If you are in the business of soil testing you need a thick bag where the plastic is not easily pierced and the moisture stays out. Somewhere between 100- 150um would be necessary.

What if i just wanted a few bags as dust covers? We're storing some stuff/ moving and i don't want it getting all dirty.

Using poly bags as dust covers would only require a thin gauged bag like 35um.

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