Tote bags for Perth - the environmentally friendly option

Tote bags usually refer to a reusable carry bag, often with gussets. QIS sells two types of these bags - Calico and NWPP. Both of these types of bags are re-usable and are eco-friendly. The calico tote bags come in a huge variety of sizes across 3 different styles, while the NWPP bags are all one size but come in 9 different colours, to fit in with your branding requirements.

Calico is a natural cotton product which can be screen printed with your logo. There are colour restrictions, however if you would like more information, check out our price list.


Frequently Asked Question

What is the difference between calico and NWPP?

Calico is a plain-woven textile and is made from unbleached cotton. NWPP is a manufactured fabric made from strong, light-weight durable plastic which is pressed so it looks like woven fabric. Both products are recyclable but Calico bags are biodegradable which makes them a popular choice for environmentally conscious customers. NWPP however is a less expensive alternative to Calico and also comes in 9 different colours.

I want the bags I ordered delivered to Perth, if they're coming from the east coast will this cost a lot?

Firstly it depends on the size of the bag you're ordering then obviously the quantity (as this affects volume and weight of products being sent). It can be as inexpensive as $17.60(INC GST) depending on what you're ordering, if you are looking at getting a few cartons of stock, then we will do up a freight estimate for you to find the cheapest possible option. OF course you are more than welcome to organise your own freight if you can find it cheaper!

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