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Black Tissue Paper

Great for wrapping, packing or getting crafty or creative.

Black Tissue Paper in packs of 480 sheets, 760mm x 500mm. Buy bulk and save! Australia wide delivery.

Our black tissue paper can be used as an elegant accent for gift bags and boxes.

Black tissue paper is suitable for protecting valuable items, perfect for wrapping gifts and a great addition to scrapbooking.

We have other colours of tissue paper available, including an assorted summer tissue pack. Click here for the full range!


Frequently Asked Question

What are some of the things you can do with tissue paper?

Tissue paper has many uses, especially in high end fashion where items are wrapped delicately for a pristine look. Tissue paper can be folded into flowers, paper balls and other decorations, or can also be used to wrap christmas presents. There are countless other ways to use this versatile product!

Is this tissue paper acid free?

No, coloured tissue paper is NOT acid-free. Yet we do supply acid-free tissue paper.

How many sheets do I get per ream?

There are 480 sheets of tissue paper per ream.

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