Calico Tote Bags

Calico tote bags are extremely friendly to the environment, as they are made completely from natural materials. Being made from calico (cotton), you can actually wash them and then reuse them, an advantage most other bags don't offer. Our range includes drawstring, two handles and shoulder strap. These bags are great for shopping, uni, kindergartens, storing shoes and retail shops.


Frequently Asked Question

What does tote bag refer to?

Definition by is an open handbag or shopping bag used especially for carrying packages or small items. Commonly, calico bags are referred to as tote bags.

Can I use this as my child's library bag?

Calico bags are a great idea for children's library bags as they can painted and decorated by them the way they want. Calico bags are great for libraries to stock particularly if they had their name and address printed on the bag as it would help their clients to remember where to return the books to.

Can I wash calico bags in a top or front load washing machine?

Yes you can use any type of washing machine to wash these bags or if you have decorated with sequins or beads I would suggest hand washing.

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