Recycled Brown Paper Bags

Our brown paper kraft bags are manufactured with 10% recycled material. Your first thought WHY AREN'T THEY MORE THAN 10%! This is simply because, if they are more than 10% recycled the bags become unstable and wouldn't be of a good enough quality to sell. Brown Paper kraft Bags With Handles are an environmentally conscious option and are a popular alternative to plastic carry bags. The carry and grocery bags are made from very strong heavy duty kraft paper and are available in a range of sizes.

The paper bag range is also available in white paper and coloured paper. Flat paper bags are great for tuckshop and if you require a more up market kraft bag the deluxe kraft with cotton handles will do the job. Our gift bags are bright, colourful and cost effective when you don't want to use a large bag for small items.



How are recycled bags made?

Manufacturers are using recycled paper, the recycled paper is made into pulp first, because it doesn’t need to dry first. After the pulp is made, it is formed, cut, glued, packaged, and then sent to the receiver.

Did you know?

Fashion Designer Jil Sander designed the Vasari bag which was the world's most expensive paper bag $290.

Why aren't they more than 10% recycled, it seems a bit small?

This is because if the bags are more than 10% recycled it would make the bags unstable and so not of a high enough quality to sell on the market, so only so much recyclable material can be used.

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