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Tissue Paper - Melbourne

Tissue Paper delivered to Melbourne 2-3 days. 14 vibrant colours to choose from & acid free paper also available. Browse & shop our range now!

Tissue paper is fantastic for gift wrapping, arts and crafts and can be used to make Christmas decorations or pinatas. Perhaps you need some tissue paper for one of the multiple events constantly on in Melbourne ("The Good Food & Wine Show" to the "Mind Body & Spirit Festival") tissue paper can help you out in all sorts of ways, from decorations to wrapping whatever it is you're presenting.


Frequently Asked Question

What are the materials of Tissue Paper?

The two materials that form Tissue Paper are paper pulp and glue. Paper pulp is made up of single wood, waste paper or plant fibres that have been mixed with water and pounded together. When the water is removed from the pulp, it is ready to be formed into tissue paper or any other kind of paper. The glue acts as an adhesive to attach the paper pulp to the large metal cylinder that will form the Tissue Paper.

How many sheets are in a ream of Tissue paper?

There are 480 sheets in a ream of tissue paper which makes it such great value.

What are the standard measurements of a ream of tissue paper?

The majority of reams we sell measure 500mm x 760mm. We also stock an economy white measuring 400mm x 660mm.

Why is Melbourne so awesome?

Well all the way back in 1856 Melbourne workers successfully campaigned for the worlds first 8 hour work day, so thank you very much!

Why Choose QIS?

We get it: packaging is BORING!

That's why you need a supplier that will get the job done with minimal fuss - and QIS is your answer.

We've been providing packaging solutions (not just tissue paper, but a whole range of materials) to the public since 1985.

We work hard to make sure that you get your supplies quickly and efficiently.

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Tracey Butler

"My first order from QIS and I'm very happy. Competitive prices, professional service and timely delivery. I would recommend trying them."

-Google review

Stephen Murray

"Quick, helpful and very affordable. Wont go anywhere else for our packing needs!"

-Google review

Judith Evenden

"Great company to deal with - super fast delivery"

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