Tissue Paper Wholesale

Wholesale tissue paper is readily available at QIS Packaging. Browse our site to see how we could provide assistance for your business. We can deliver to anywhere in Australia at reasonable prices. There are 17 vibrant colours to choose from which are sold in reams of 480 sheets.

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What if I'm buying an excessive amount of tissue paper, do I get a better price?
If you think you are buying a very large quantity and are interested if you can get a better price, don't hesitate to contact us and inquire!

Where can tissue paper be delivered to?
Anywhere that Australia Post can go we can deliver to, so basically ALL over Australia!

How do I know how much freight will cost?
When you place your order online our freight calculator will work out your freight cost,all it needs is your postcode. Alternatively, you can gauge an idea from the information on our freight tab in the banner or click the previous link to be redirected.

Define Wholesale and Retail?
Wholesale is the selling of goods in large quantities which in turn provides you with more competitive pricing. Retail is selling to consumers in smaller quantities.

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