QIS Packaging have a variety of mailers and padded mailing envelopes available to buy online. Our Jiffy mailers are padded with shredded paper and are available in seven sizes with strong brown Kraft paper on the outside and an easy peel and seal strip. Mail pack bags are more economical and have Kraft paper on the outside and Bubblewrap inside. Also included in this range are maxi-packs, however these have plastic on the outside and Bubblewrap inside. The outside is protected from moisture because of the plastic coating. Mail and maxi pack bags are mailers which protect delicate or fragile items. Once again there is an easy peel strip for sealing.

Courier bags, poly mailers, air satchels or padded envelopes are a fantastic alternative if you are not sending fragile items as there is no padding. These bags are exceedingly strong as they are co-extruded, which means two layers of plastic bonded together at the extrusion part of the process. The typical type of bag that you would recognise would be the Australia Post Express Post satchel. For added security these bags have a tamper evident seal which means that once the bag is sealed closed, the only way to open the bag is to basically destroy it, thus making it tamper evident. Our bags are also opaque (you cannot see through them) ideal for securing your documents away from prying eyes. You can rest assured that by using our mailer bags that your goods will arrive at their destination safely and securely giving you peace of mind.