Singlet Shopping Checkout Bags

Singlet bags are also known as checkout bags as they are often used at the checkout in large supermarket chains as well as food stores, variety stores and discount stores. These bags are easy to dispense and have side and bottom gussets that open out to offer more room for your products. Made from strong HDPE material and available in a range of sizes and colours, Singlet bags present an economical choice for packaging your goods.

If you are looking for something a little more environmentally friendly take a look at our EPI plastic singlet bags. These bags have an EPI additive which helps them to breakdown when exposed to the elements and landfill.

If you are interested we can organise to have them manufactured to your specific size and with printing. These bags are usually manufactured overseas and will take about 12-14 weeks from artwork approval. If you would like a quote, please complete the form attached to this link or click on "Request a Quote" and select plastic carry bags.

Please NOTE: Bag measurements are total size of bag including singlet handle and therefore NOT usable space.