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customer retention made simple


One thing that successful eCommerce businesses do well is to retain customers. What does that mean? Simply put, they make an effort to get people who have bought once to buy again, and again, and so on. But why?

It is a fact that for most businesses, one of the biggest expenses they have is to win a sale from someone who has never bought from them before. However, it is much cheaper to win a sale from someone who is already familiar with your business, and who already knows the product and likes your service.

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Customer Rentention not only increases your revenue, but it can make a positive impact on reducing your overall costs.

Here at QIS Packaging, we've produced a guide that is designed to help other eCommerce businesses learn from our experiences, discussing some of the most useful methods you can apply in your business to retain more customers.

The guide is free, and packed full of actionable advice and direction. With over fifty pages and seventy illustrations, it's comprehensive yet easy to understand. To access the guide, complete the form* to the right of this page and we'll send you a link to download the pdf document.
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