What are the benefits of using LLDPE?

LLDPE stands for Linear Low-Density Polyethylene and  is more resistant to impact, puncture and external or internal environmental factors due to its superior flexibility & tensile strength.

LLDPE is generally used as percentage of the overall polymer mix when producing products depending on their specific application.

For instance, if you were making bags that had sharp edging adding LLDPE would be a wise choice as the LLDPE will help reduce puncture resistance due to its increased stretchability.

A common product used in business called “Stretch Wrap” or “pallet wrap” is made from a blend almost entirely 100% LLDPE.

This allows the “Stretch wrap” to be stretched by the user giving a tight bind around the items being wrapped.

Ice Bags is another common application where high percentages of LLDPE are added during production.

LLDPE is therefore commonly used in packaging and manufacturing because of its strength.

QIS Packaging LLDPE products include: