What Is HDPE?

HDPE is an acronym for High-Density Polyethylene. It is thermoplastic, produced from monomer ethylene to create polyethylene with a greater molecular chains packed together.

In simple terms this makes HDPE a strong  plastic that is popular due to its high density and tensile strength.

HDPE can be manufactured in many forms, but one of its most popular forms is the Grocery Bags you see in every supermarket and corner store around the world.

Because of its inherent strength bas can be made thinner this using less plastics and consequently making these bags cheaper.

But HDPE can be used for lots of other applications as well. Plastic milk bottles are generally made from HDPE as well as a huge variety of beverage containers.

HDPE is essentially the plastic people use when they require a bit more backbone!

QIS Packaging HDPE materials include: