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Earth Day/ Week is an organisation that raises awareness of environmental issues affecting our planet. Starting Monday 18th of April, it goes throughout the week until Friday 22nd of April, which is the actual Earth Day. We thought it was a good time to cast our eye over the eco-friendly products QIS has available. We’re often asked what the most environmentally friendly product is for certain uses. We’ll quickly cover the environmentally responsible products we stock and if some have better use cases than others.

Calico Tote Bags

Calico bags are 100% cotton and super durable! Their qualities include…

  • Washable
  • Re-usable
  • Able to print on them
  • Eco friendly


There is a very wide range of uses for these bags, from the classic school library bags to use in the mining industry as rock and mineral sample bags. Some companies are starting to use them in retail trade as well, to portray an eco-friendly vibe in line with their brand imagery.

calico bags

NWPP Bags (Woolies & Coles Re-Usable Bags)

Barely anyone knows what those green re-usable bags at Woolworths and Coles are actually called, but here you finally have an answer! They’re called Non-Woven Polypropylene (NWPP for short) bags, and are very sturdy, and therefore re-usable in all sorts of situations.  You can easily avoid contributing to plastic wastage by using NWPP bags today.

coles woolworths reusable NWPP grocery bags
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EPI Singlet Bags (Degradable Plastic Bags)

These plastic singlet bags are manufactured with an additive that helps break them down over time, so that if they end up out in the elements/landfill they will eventually degrade. They last up to 18 months- so you have plenty of time to use/sell them! These are one of the most eco-friendly bags available to use as they don’t create problems for wildlife and the environment that other plastic bags do because they degrade.

EPI Singlet bag

UPDATE: Single use plastic bags are soon being banned in Queensland - find out more about alternatives here.

Paper Bags/ Paper Rolls/ Butchers Paper/ Tissue Paper

Paper is great for recycling. The paper bags QIS stocks use 10% recycled materials (this percentage can’t be any higher as the bag would be too weak). The paper rolls and butchers paper are both sturdy options for packaging, but have the benefits of being that little bit extra more eco-friendly than some of their plastic counterparts.

flat paper bagsbrown paper bags with paper twist handle

Cellophane Bags

Cellophane bags are probably one of the last things you’d associate with environmentally friendly packaging - YET they are! How so? Cellophane bags are actually made from plant based material and the cello in cellophane actually stands for- cellulose (a structural component of plants)[1]. Cellophane bags are used for food products.

cellophane bags