If you haven't heard, in a hugely positive step for the environment the Queensland government is banning single use plastic bags as of July 2018. 

Although it might seem a little far away it doesn't hurt to get organised and understand...
  1. Which bags are actually getting banned?

  2. How it affects you and

  3. What are the alternative bagging options?

Which bags are actually getting banned?

The Queensland government has said it's banning "single use lightweight plastic shopping bags", basically the ones you get at the checkout when shopping at Woolworths and Coles.

There are more than 900 million of these bags used in Queensland alone each year, and while most of them end up in landfill, there is still 2% (Or 16 million bags) entering the environment.

How will it affect you?

The main affect will be felt at the checkout at both large retailers like Woolworths and Coles (who have both also announced their own plastic bag ban nationwide). They have both mentioned there will be alternatives, but how much these cost are yet to be announced.

QIS has also been investigating potential products that could be used at the checkout that may easily replace single use shopping bags, so watch this space.

As well as big retailers, small local retail shops that currently have single use plastic bags will have to find an alternative packing option, which brings us to our 3rd question...

What are alternative bagging options?

There are 3 main alternatives that will be popular as replacements for the plastic shopping checkout bags.

Paper bags: Much more friendly for the environment than plastic bags. Although there is the argument that it just involves chopping down more trees, paper bags are far easier to recycle than plastic bags and are therefore much better for the environment.

The paper used in creating QIS Packaging paper bags is also sourced from a sustainable timber plantation forest which uses 20% recycled materials, making it even more environmentally sustainable and responsible.

Calico Bags: Made of 100% cotton, calico bags are some of the best bags you can purchase to help the environment. They come in styles that are convenient for customers to carry products out of stores as well.
  • Tip: What type of calico bag would be best to use if replacing them with the bags that are being banned? The 2 handle bags are the calico equivalent of the plastic ones, and are also much sturdier.

Non-Woven Poplypropylene: This will be one of the most popular choices as a replacement for the banned plastic bags. Non-woven Polypropylene or better known as the reusable green Woolworths or Coles bags, are a suitable replacement. Big enough to fit the quantity of 2-4 single use plastic bags inside of it, and sturdy enough to hold all of that without breaking, it makes sense why they’re already quite popular.

An now a word from Tim Minchin on which bags to use when we go shopping...
Note: The products most similar to canvas bags that we've talked about above are calico bags, however the non-woven polypropylene bags are also sometimes referred to as canvas bags.

Let us know what bag option you think you’ll be using, or if you’ve got any questions about any of the above options!