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You've asked and we've delivered! Here are the newest additions to our stock range.


Budget Paper Bags

Looking for cheaper paper bags? Good news! We’ve just started stocking a range of budget paper bags.

They’re slightly thinner than our standard stock line, hence why they’re more affordable. They come in carton sizes and 50 packs.
Budget Paper Bag Medium

Plastic White Carry Bags (Corona Treated)

We’ve added more sizes to our stock line of white plastic carry bags (which comply with plastic bag ban laws around Australia.) More on plastic bag bans laws here if you need to read up on it.

What does “Corona treated” mean? No, it doesn’t mean dipped in the popular beer from Mexico, it means these bags can be printed on straight away. Usually to print on plastic bags you need to send them away to get treated for printing. These new bags are different: they can go straight from the carton to the printing machine, so there’s no delay.
Corona treated die cut carry bag

Single Product Add-ins

Resealable bag (100mm x 90mm): we’ve added another size option to our resealable range. This size has been quite a popular custom request so we’ve now added it to our standard stock range.
Resealable Bag 100 x 90

Large blue carton liner (640mm X 600mm +400mm gusset): a new addition to our stock range but one that is again very popular as a buy-in-line, so we’ve decided to transition it to our standard stock lines.
Blue Carton Liner

We love customer feedback, so if you would like to see any other new products please get in contact with us and we will definitely see what we can do. Otherwise if it’s a very specific size for a product, we can do manufacturing in large quantities