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A little while back the QIS Packaging video team headed out to the workshop of Awesome Woody’s owner and director Ross Ferguson.

We wanted to see how he used QIS Packaging in his e-commerce business selling timber training tools for climbers. We also heard about experiences with our customer service team and the speed of our delivery.

You can watch the full video below, as well as read the transcript and find the products that Ross mentions in the video.




I keep coming back to QIS because the ordering is easy, it’s seamless and it just fits in really easily with my business.

My name is Ross Ferguson, I’m the owner/director of a company called Awesome Woody’s and we make timber training tools for climbers.

I mostly use the bubble wrap and the satchels, because I bubble wrap all my products because I’m shipping worldwide… and they need to arrive, you know, in perfect condition.

Customer service is really good; it’s easy to order everything online… you know, payment’s easy, and delivery is usually really fast.

And yeah, the quality of the products is the best you’re going to get anywhere.

It fits into my business really well because it’s an easy process to order, and receive, and use the packaging, the bubble wrap… you know, it’s never a hassle.

Products Featured:

Ross uses courier bags and bubble wrap to protect his goods, as he ships worldwide. You can check them out by following the links, or clicking the images below.
Courier bag Bubblewrap