Packing a few small boxes together using strapping seems straightforward. However if you haven’t used strapping before then it can get a little complicated and frustrating. So to alleviate any frustrations and time wasting, we made this quick video that walks you through the process. There’s written steps further down the page as well as other info on the product range.

  1. As you wrap the strapping around the items, make a loop at either end
  2. Thread the loops into the bracing clamp and fold the locking arms over
  3. Pull the loose ends of strapping to lock the arms in
  4. Cut off the excess tape
  5. Repeat above steps for second strap
Important Information
  • The plastic strapping breaking strain can range anywhere from 95Kg all the way up to 1100Kg, depending on which product you want. You can get product specific information in our Pricelist which you can download here, or just get in contact and we’ll be happy to answer any of your questions.
  • Plastic buckles are shown in the video above, however there are also metal buckles available for strapping. They would require a crimper and you can see how they work with this video here
  •  If you need something a lot stronger than normal plastic strapping, than we have a “buy in line”, which is steel strapping and you can ask us for more info about this product if you’re interested!