It can be confusing…

But it doesn’t have to continue that way, which is probably why you’re here!

In 50 seconds we’ll show you how to wrap a pallet like a warehouse-pro, we’ve also got the 4 steps written out further down, so there should be no more confusion :)

Steps to wrap a pallet
  1. Tie the plastic around the base of the pallet
  2. Wrap plastic around contents of the pallet
  3. At the top, wrap the plastic diagonally over the top of the boxes
  4. Tear and pat down the stretch wrap to finish :)

Product Information
  • Stretch wrap comes in 2 different colours: Black or clear (black is good if you don't want people seeing what is wrapped on the pallet).
  • The gauge (or thickness) can range from 17µm, 17 micron (1 micron is 1/ 1000mm) up to 25µm, 25 microns.
  • If you've got any questions don't hesitate to either call us on 1800 555 343, other options are you can message us directly, or email us even at [email protected]