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Getting your logo printed on carry bags is an excellent way to increase your brand’s visibility.

Think about it - people are literally advertising your business for you, just by walking around with your bags.

“But how do I actually get my bags printed?” you ask. “Surely it’s a complicated process?”

All in all, the entire process for our express printed range takes an estimated 2-3 working weeks (plus delivery). Pretty quick hey?

That said, there are a few steps involved. That’s why we put this article together: to talk you through our printing process step by step, so you know exactly how it works from start to finish.

Let’s jump right in!

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Step 1: Enquiry

To get your printing job underway, you will first need to choose the right type of bag, the size you want, how many colours you want in your artwork, whether you want to print on one or both sides of the bag, and how many bags you are after*. You can check out our full range of printed bags here.
Once you have found the right bag, hit the blue “enquire now” button and a form will pop up, where you can enter all of your details such as your contact info and the artwork (logo) file you want to use on the bag. Hit “submit” and you’re good to go!

You can also get in touch via email: [email protected], or give us a call on 1800 555 343 and our printing team will be able to talk you through everything.
*At QIS, we have a minimum printing run of 500 bags - this allows us to keep the price per bag competitive whilst still maintaining our excellent quality printing.

Quote graphic

Step 2: Quoting

As soon as we’ve received your enquiry, we’ll put together a quote based on your specific requirements.

You will be able to see our prices beforehand when you fill out the enquiry form, but this will give you a personalised price based on the quantity of bags you desire.

Allow 2-3 working days from when you submit your enquiry to receive your quote.

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Step 3: Quote Approval

Once you’re happy with your quote, you’ll need to return it to us, signed and dated. You’ll also need to send through the artwork in .ai or .eps format if you haven’t already.

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Step 4: Artwork Proof

Next, we’ll have our in-house graphic designer prepare a PDF proof based on your artwork, and send it back to you via email for approval.

Proof graphic

Step 5: Signed Artwork Approval

When you are happy with your proof, you’ll need to send it back signed and dated.

A note on proof revisions: we allow for one free revision of the proof if you would like something changed. Any revisions after this may incur a small fee.

Deposit graphic

Step 6: Deposit

After you’ve signed off the artwork, we require a 30% deposit to get the job underway.

Screen graphic

Step 7: Screen or Plate

Your artwork is carefully prepared onto a high quality silkscreen or flexoplate, depending on what kind of bag you’re getting printed.

Printing graphic

Step 8: Printing

When the screen or plate is ready, our talented printers carefully print your design onto the bags. If you’re interested in how this works, check out the video below of Wayne, one of our printers, in action.

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Step 9: Invoice

When the bags are ready, we’ll send through a final invoice for the job.

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Step 10: Despatch

Once payment has been received, we will despatch your brand new printed bags (you can check our freight rates and delivery times here).

Alternatively, if you’re near our warehouse in Archerfield (Brisbane), you can swing by and pick them up :)

Also, keep in mind that this process is just for our express printed jobs. If you require a more complex type of print (like a full graphic or printing on gussets), we also offer custom printed & manufactured jobs - these have a longer turnaround time.

And that’s it! Hopefully this article helped to clarify our printing process - if you still have any questions or concerns, or something you’re not sure about, our fantastic quoting & printing team will talk you through each step as it comes up in the job.

If you do have any other questions, or you just want to get started right away, you can:

Happy printing!