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With online shopping exploding in popularity during the past ten years, the need to safely and securely mail your goods has never been greater. The mailing process can be fraught with danger, so we’ve come up with some hot tips to give your customers the peace of mind they deserve when ordering goods online.

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DO secure your goods with tamper-evident courier bags.

Have you ever sent your niece or nephew a present in the mail, only for them to never receive it? Chances are you weren’t the most popular aunt or uncle after that. Similarly, your products can go missing in the mail, and instead of an awkward interaction at the next family barbeque, you could be faced with an expensive refunding process, the loss of stock and of course a huge decline in your reputation. Unfortunately, theft and tampering are serious issues when sending goods via post. However, using a tamper-evident courier bag will ensure that no one will mess with your products – at least not without you knowing about it. QIS Packaging offers high-quality, extremely strong, tamper-evident courier bags at competitive prices.

DO be honest about your turnaround time.

You don’t want to be that dodgy seller telling customers that their purchases will arrive in three to five business days, only for them to get there in fifteen. Make sure you state clearly on your website the expected turnaround time, and if there are delays, contact your customers as soon as possible to let them know. Additionally, make sure your shipping policy (including liability and shipping costs) are easily accessible and understandable. Communication is the key.

DON’T mail tiny products in huge boxes.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but a lot of sellers do make the mistake of using unnecessarily large packaging. Not only do you risk frustrating your customer and producing excess waste, but you will also incur higher shipping and packaging costs. Do your research and package your products appropriately – trust us, everyone will be happier for it.

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DON’T send fragile objects without protecting them.

There is nothing worse than a customer excitedly opening a package, only to find that the product inside is broken. As with lost and stolen goods, a lengthy refunding process will occur, and again your reputation will suffer. Bubble wrap is an absolute must for glass and ceramics, while void fill is great for electrical equipment, mobile phones and pharmaceuticals.

DO make your packaging look great!

Printing your logo/artwork on boxes and bags is a great way to reinforce your brand messages, increase visibility and communicate an extra level of professionalism to your customers. Good packaging design is an essential part of the post-purchase experience, and can result in increased customer loyalty and repeat sales.


So there you have it – some helpful DOs and DON’Ts for sending your goods in the mail or by courier. For more information on packaging solutions, visit QIS Packaging today.