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S2PLAIN - Adhesive Envelope

The new clear adhesive envelope that we’ve added to our product range is called ‘S2PLAIN’. They are a clear plastic, so whatever documentation you’re putting into them is clearly visible. Use these envelopes by folding up your invoice (or other documentation) and putting it into the envelope, then peeling off the layer on the back and then sticking it onto whatever product you’re shipping out. They’re very adhesive/sticky on the back, so much that QIS uses these very same adhesive envelopes in our own warehouse. We use them so much that we decided to add them as a stock line, so you can be assured they are of a high quality!
Clear Adhesive envelopes with no printed text - ideal for freight details, invoices and other paperwork attached to goods.
S2PLAIN - Clear Adhesive Envelope

800TUBE75UMBLK - Black Plastic Tubing

This is another item that we have been using in our own warehouse that we’re now adding into our product range. Originally we had this specifically manufactured for our own needs, but it became obvious that our customers would use this also. This roll of black plastic tube is 80cm wide and 75um thick. It is extremely durable, and great for packaging awkward sized and shaped items you have to package and ship. Just put it onto a dispenser and it becomes very easy and efficient to use! Approximately 135 meters on each roll, so you get a lot of material out of one roll. You can pull it out and cut as much off as you need each time, which is what makes it so good for packaging weird sizes and shapes.
A roll of Black Lay Flat Plastic Tube - 75µ thick, 800mm wide.
800TUBE75UMBLACK - 75µm Black Plastic Tube

Flat Paper Bags - Both Brown and White

QIS has added 10 new flat paper bags to its product range (6 white, 4 brown) increasing the sizing options of the previous flat paper bags by having some smaller sizes that can fit some more unique shapes. Both white and brown flat paper bags now have 2 smaller sizes of square shape (1FLATBROWN, 2FLATBROWN, 1FLATWHITE, 2FLATWHITE) and 2 smaller sizes of rectangular shape (1SATBROWN, 2SATBROWN, 1SATWHITE, 2SATWHITE).
2FLATBROWN - Flat Brown Paper Bag (200mm x 195mm)

The rectangular bags in particular are helpful for customers who need an economical bag for selling small cylindrical items (i.e. hot dogs- as these bags are food grade, or any small tube shaped items).
2SATWHITE - White Rectangular Flat Paper Bags

The last 2 bags to be added are rectangular again, but have a glassy finish, making them look that much nicer, and for the sake of a few dollars extra are definitely worth it. The product codes on these are 1FLATGLASS and 2FLATGLASS, both small bags, which if wanting to present your products in a slightly classier bag but still do it at a very economical cost, are perfect for you!
1FLATGLASS - White Flat Paper Bags with a Glassy Finish

Hopefully this quick re-cap helps you understand what the products are and in what situations they would be useful. If you’ve got any questions at all please don’t hesitate to ask by leaving a comment down below, or contacting us by email or phone!