Mother’s Day is a great way to celebrate all the Mothers out there and everything they do, and so they should get all the recognition they deserve. However it has taken on an increasing importance in the retail calendar year on year, with some reports likening it to Christmas for the retail sector. It’s expected that Australians will spend well in excess of $1.40 billion dollars on a range of gifts as retail sales increase on average by 2.7% each year.

For the average Dad and kids out there this just means they’re expected to spend a bit more each year, and find a way to spoil mum that little bit more. This is great news for you though, small businesses, it represents a key opportunity in the calendar to take advantage of this increasing popularity, to help customers find the goods they want. Evidently this means you need to be prepared; are you discounting certain products and making others more obvious and available for purchase? All important considerations if you want to take full effect of this opportunity mid-way through the year (Inside Retail, 2015).
So which packaging products would be best suited for wrapping and packaging Mother’s Day gifts and goods. The main colour that is associated with Mother’s Day is pink or some variation of the colour, so we’ll go through the best products that we have for wrapping and packaging that fall under the colour pink.
Firstly, what are you going to wrap your goods in? Two products that are good options are wrapping paper and tissue paper. They definitely catch the eye!

Or perhaps you're looking for something a bit more exciting than plain wrapping paper? Patterned wrapping paper is also a great alternative. Our range of patterned wrapping paper gives you many options for the perfect wrapping paper for your Mum!

Maybe you’re not a fan of wrapping paper, and want something you don’t have to cut and that is ready to go – Tissue Paper is exactly what you need! All our reams have approximately 480 sheets ready to go for your wrapping convenience.
We have hot pink tissue paper, again a very eye catching option and a beautiful colour for Mother’s Day wrapping. 

Other options for tissue paper include a lighter pink or Lilac.

Now that we’ve covered what you can wrap the products in, let’s talk about bag options. One of the more eco-friendly options available but still in line with the mother’s day theme is non-woven polypropylene (NWPPINK) bags

Other possible options for you include pink paper bags, which have eight different sizes for you to choose from.


The last alternative for an option to carry the goods in is some sort of pink plastic carry bag. A slightly more economical option but does the job!

Last but not least we have ribbon! Tying it all together (pun definitely intended) gives it a classy look and looks beautiful. We have four different categories of ribbon each with their own colours including magenta, cerise, light pink, dusty pink, hot pink. There are endless combinations you could use to tie off your wrapping and packaging!

Hopefully this collated product information helps make your Mother’s Day wrapping and packaging easier. Send us a photo of the combinations you used, we always love seeing how our clients use the products in their own unique way!