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Exciting news…

https://www.qispackaging.com.au is getting a revamp and it’s only days away NOW LIVE, but what’s actually changing?

In this quick article we’ll cover how the changes affect YOU, and make it easier for you to find products you’re looking for!

Site wide responsive design

No matter what device you’re on, the website will adjust the screen size, meaning https://www.qispackaging.com.au will work on your phone.

How does it affect me? Researching for products in a hurry and scrambling from one site to another? Finding and researching product information will now be much easier on mobile/tablet devices for when you’re on the go.
Desktop View
Mobile Responsive View

New Navigation

The tiles on the current home page will remain on the new homepage, but we are also breaking the products into Bags | Wrapping | Warehouse Packaging. The horrendously overcrowded mega menu on the old website called "Shop Online" will also be divvied up, broken down into Bags, Wrapping and Warehouse Packaging...as you can see in the below picture.

How does it affect me? You might be used to where products are on the current website and therefore be confused when the new website kicks in and can’t find what you usually get.

Website Speed

Hate slow websites? So do we! That’s why the new website will be a LOT faster. Not to get technical but it will be using “http2” and “AMP”=Accelerated mobile pages, the website will be super quick!

How does it affect me? Less time waiting and twiddling your thumbs waiting for pages to load.

Improved checkout & clearer freight charges

The shopping cart and checkout pages have been revamped so they're a lot easier on the eye, as well as more streamlined for a faster shopping experience. Freight is also a lot simpler. We've listened to you and changed how the freight price is displayed for you!

How does it affect me? Quicker/easier to tell how much freight will be on your order, and easy to see when checking out.
New Shopping Cart

Faceted Search & Filters

A few of our product ranges have over 30+ different products in them, so it can be confusing to find what you're after sometimes.

We will now have functionality that allows you to filter by dimensions (length, width) as well as thickness of the bag (if it applies) and price of the products, as well as colour if there are lots of different options (I.e. Tissue paper, plastic carry bags).

How does it affect me?  You can find your products quicker and spend less time clicking through pages.
New Filters Feature

Search bar revamp & improvement

The new search bar will not only look better, but the functionality of it means you will be able to search for whatever you're after and it will give you much more relevant results. Synonym search and predictive text when typing are 2 key improvements that will enhance your search.

Also you will be able to add the product to your shopping cart directly from the search bar, speeding up the process even more!

How does it affect me? Improved search means you can again find products you need quicker, and don’t have to waste time clicking through different pages looking for it.

The new website is on track to launch by mid-late October, so this was just a quick rundown of the key changes so you aren’t shocked/surprised/confused when the new website does kick in.

If you can’t find anything when the new website is up and running don’t hesitate to get in contact with us and we’ll be more than happy to help you find what you’re looking for :)

Update June 2019: You may have noticed that our search functionality was still pretty lacking, even after this major site update back in late 2017. But we have now implemented a completely new search engine on our site. You can try it out by using the search bar at the top of this page (the one with "I am looking for..." in it).

If you have any feedback for our new search engine, we would love to hear it, as we can tweak it to make it more useful. Our contact details are here.