Butchers Paper

Butchers Paper or Newsprint as its called can either be sold in a rolls in a variety of widths or sold in sheets. Whatever your dimensions are have a look at our different kinds of butchers paper dimensions and bundle sizes and find out which one will suit you and your needs best.

Butchers Paper is perfect for wrapping breakables if you are moving house. Maybe use as an economical alternative for packing out boxes when in transit.

Great for kindy creations or maybe table covers. Arts and crafts, sketching painting or drawing is another use for Butchers paper sheets or butchers paper rolls.



Tell me about Butchers Paper?

Butchers Paper is a kraft paper. Originally sold to butchers for the purpose of wrapping meat and fish. Butchers paper is now used for a wide variety of things, notably in primary education where its used for arts and crafts such as hanging artwork. Its a cheap sturdy paper generally white or a reddish colour. Moving / transport companies use Butchers Paper to pack china, glass and other fragile items for safe transportation, using newspaper can some times "transfer" ink and damage items.

What is the difference between Butchers Paper and Freezer Paper?

The main difference between the 2 papers is that Freezer Paper is heavy weight and is lined with plastic on one side, obiviously used for freezing best for meats and fish to stop them from being spoiled. Butchers Paper does not have the plastic lining on one side.

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